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T H E I A M. A R T

T H E I A M. A R T

Sunrise sessions always trigger my pure excitement for life, it reminds me of such a nostalgic time. It flashes me back to the times in my childhood when we would all wake up bright and early to catch a flight. The thought of waking up early and time traveling to a new stunning holiday location gets ANYONE excited!

Thankfully living on the Gold Coast is an absolute dream!

Once Dot and I arrived to our first location we eventually mustered up the courage to get out of the warm and comfy car to endure the chilling morning air. We quickly hustled to the beach to catch the first light of the day. Seeing the sun light flicker across the water as we capture the pure essence of Dots dream brought me so much joy and gratitude.

After having a playful session on the beach both Dot and I were VERY ready for some hot coffee to defrost, luckily it was so early we had the cafe to ourselves!

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Sunset Sunday Session

Sunset Sunday Session