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Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida

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How to get there

Book a ferry ticket (make sure the ports are correct)

-if departing from Bali the port will be “Sanur” to Nusa Penida

I booked with Direct Ferries which seemed the most reliable to me (:

The total for 2 return tickets cost me $123 AUD


Jason and I stayed at Tentacle Bali on Penida for $34.60AUD a night, I absolutely loved my stay! We stayed on one of the ground level villas and it had a stunning outdoor shower. Upon arrival Agus aquatinted us with the property as well as giving us some recommendations for things to do while on the island. The accommodation included, free pick up from any Port, complementary breakfast daily as well as basic toiletries.


Vegan Eats

The trick to traveling cheap in Bali (or anywhere) is not to fall into the trap of eating at the cute instgramable cafes. 90% of these places i’ve eaten at are bland and have stupid amounts of silly fees, so by the time you’ve finished up with your meal it costs the same as back home.. Save yourself time and money and go to the local Indonesian restaurants, many of them go by the name of “Warung”. I find it incredibly easy to veganize any menu and still get something tasty.

Most Indonesian restaurants have heaps of veggie plates that are already naturally vegan. Be on the look out for

Gado Gado - boiled potato and green veggies, fried tofu and tempeh, served with a peanut sauce dressing.

Nasi Goreng - rice dish with vegetables and you can add tofu and tempeh.

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Things to do

Nusa Penida is full of completely breathtaking views and pristine beaches, you cant go wrong!

-Crystal Beach (relax, read eat, swim)

– (try to) Snorkel with Mantas (book a tour on the island)

– Roma Tree House at Rumah Pohon 

– Atuh Beach (opposite bay to the tree house)

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One month in Bali

One month in Bali