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One month in Bali

One month in Bali

FIRST STOP – Nusa Penida (3 nights) 

 Get ready for absolutely stunning sights, turbulent rides and fun times! Jason and I only had the chance to visit one Nusa island this trip however the other two seem to have heaps of go to spots. On these islands you’ll find an amazing variety of things to do and see. There are stunning hidden bays, massive cliffside with unique rock formations, some gnarly surf breaks and massive palm tree mangroves. Upon arrival my partner and I rented a scooter at the port.

Since the roads are very tedious and many unpaved I recommend you do your do diligence and make sure the head lights work, great breaks and try your very best for helmets (not many places have them but still try!)

Eat at

– Penida Kekinian (smoothie bowl, vegan options)

– Local Warrungs (Good food, good price, very easy to veganize)

Stay at

– Tentacle Bali Cottage(modern design, outdoor bathroom, yummy breakfast, 10 min from the port) 

Things to do

-Crystal Beach (relax, read eat, swim)

– Snorkel with Mantas (book a tour through your airbnb)

– Atuh Beach (on the opposite site of the tree House)

– Hidden beach (on the way to Atuh Beach)

– Roma Tree House at Rumah Pohon 

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Uluwatu is one of my favorite spots in Bali, for me I find it the most livable. It really reminds me of the Mediterranean, stunning cliff faces trickled with lush greenery. The sand is made up of coral pieces which makes the water crystal clear on good days. This is an ideal spot if your keen on lounging beachside while having the option to grabbing a quick surf.

Eat at

– La Baracca (amazing Italian food, vegan options)

– Muz kitchen (stunning space, vegan options BAD WIFI)

– Original Uluwatu Warung (watch the surfers, cheaper, amazing smoothie bowls)

Stay at

Bukit Vista (cheap, good local tips, nice pool, dated interior, 6 min ride to good beach)

Things to do

-Karang Boma Cliff(stunning cliffside views, place to yourself)

– Learn to surf

-Chill at Bingin Beach(warungs , day beds on beach)

– Suluban Beach (stunning cove, great surf)

– Catch a sunset at any cliffside restaurant

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Connect with other Expats – CANGGU (10 nights) 

Canggu is a great spot to connect with nomads keen on great surf and strong wifi! Personally canggu isn’t the place for me long term, I would recommend maybe 3-4 nights. Regardless of its downfalls there are great vegan cafes literally around every corner! Great food, nice surf and heaps of fancy beach clubs!

If the beach clubs are your scene they charge you around 150k-200k entrance fee which can contribute to any food and drinks you get throughout the day.

Canggu is a great spot for expats to settle as the wifi is great, accommodation is cheap and there are heaps of nice dinning experiences.

Eat at

– Warung (modern and clean cut interior, cheap, close to the beach, local)

– La Baracca (AMAZING plant based Italian…..vegan cheese)

– Oka’s Bakery (good vegan chocolate cake, quiet BAD WIFI)

– Crate cafe (breakfast to die for, cheap AF, not additional taxes)

– Coffee and Coconuts (great work space, stylish decor, yummy vegan burger, quite )

-Mocha Cafe (tasty vegan options, stunning space, central, quiet)

Stay at

– Made Villas ( cheap, friendly, central, private rooms, good wifi, super close to CRATE)

– Stunning Rice Patty Home (stunning patio space, nice to stay in a proper home, clean,central)

Things to do


– Work on your blog or edit your photos at Mocha Cafe ( great space, quiet, yummy vegan options)

– Surf at echo beach

– Visit the market at Love Anchor ( nicer items than Ubud market but more pricy)

– Catch the sunset at The Lawn, La Brisa or La Laguna 

– Do some yoga there are heaps of studios (cost 100k-140k)

– Party at any of the stunning beachside clubs

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Ubud is the heart of Bali, its constantly hustling and bustling. Calling all Yogis!! This is for sure the hub for awesome yoga retreats and classes. Ubud is a super hippy spot, heaps of alternative places with unique experiences. Loads of fully raw and vegan restaurants, amazing waterfalls, temples and don’t forget the Monkey Sanctuary!

Eat at

– Anomali Coffee (GREAT WIFI, lots of seating options, good amount of charging spots)

– Veggie Karma (all you can eat veggie buffet 50k, lush views, close to monkey forest)

– Down to Earth (vegan, half price on Monday, Cinema)

– The Seeds of life (amazing raw plant food)

-Sinoghana Wahrung (cheap, tastes amazing, cute setting, quite)

Stay at

Unfortunately I wouldn’t recommend the place we stayed at, however I know there are heaps of homestay options that are cheap as chips and still very nice, as well as the option to spend a little more and have a super dope villa experience.

Things to do

– Visit the Monkey Forest(60k per person)  

– Take photos at one of the many rice terraces 

– Try some Yoga and meditation

– Map out the surrounding waterfalls (quite a few just 20 min scooter ride)

-Shop at the famous Ubud market

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Travel Hacks for Bali

Travel Hacks for Bali

Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida