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Travel Hacks for Bali

Travel Hacks for Bali

Go to Apps…

You probably already use these apps daily however it doesn’t take away the fact that they are incredibly useful for your overseas travels especially while in Indonesia!

Airbnb- Airbnb always has new villas for great discounts as well as a variety of awesome property for super reasonable prices.

Gojek- Great way to get very cheap transpiration as well as a food delivery service!

Grabcar- slightly more expensive than Gojek, however i’ve found theres more drivers so its easier to get a ride when your on a time constraint.

Facebook- I urge you to utilize this powerful app and add yourself to groups based in Bali. I used these groups when I was looking for recommendations on accommodation , drivers and places to see. Its a great way to get a better sense of community as well as getting connected with people!

Instgram- Seriously don’t underestimate the power of instgram! When I travel I normally have a huge file of “saved” post, these post are normally geo tagged spots that are on my top spots to see. After compiling a dope folder I look up the geo tags on Google Maps and save them.

Google Maps -After finding some go to spots save them in folders which allows you to easily map out and organize day trips.

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One month in Bali

One month in Bali